Revival Youth Ministers' Retreat

March 9-11

The Revival Youth Minister's Retreat is just that... a RETREAT.  It's a chance for us YMs to get away for a few days with other YMs and recharge our batteries.  It's a time of equipping and refilling our resources... BUT, more than that, it's a valued time to simply feed on the Word of God and fellowship with His servants. Whether you're brand new in your ministry or have been in the trenches for years, THIS IS FOR YOU!
This year's theme, "THE MINDSET", is intentionally designed to inspire and encourage YOU as a YM! Of course, we will have the practical and resourceful classes you can expect at any YM conference - those things to take back... But, our primary goal is to provide opportunities to simply listen to the Word of God (NOT centered around youth ministry) and allow it to permeate our lives as Christians. This year, we explore our MINDSET as YMs - the spiritual and mental health, perseverance, and resolve need to continue in ministry. We need to be encouraged as much as we strive to encourage others. Our prayer is that this time of spiritual REVIVAL will be a blessing to you.
YM wives are always invited and welcome to join us, because they are such an integral part of our ministries.
The cost for Revival is $75, and youth minister's wives attend free! 
Housing is available at Graymere Lodge (1st come, 1st serve) for NO EXTRA CHARGE. Graymere Lodge has a commercial kitchen, bathrooms and showers, as well as sleeping arrangements for 50.
Make your plans to join us for a spiritually, uplifting retreat called REVIVAL!