Our Mission

To lift up the Lord in worship and service, while lifting up others in love. All are welcome here; everyone needs to know Jesus; we want people to be saved.
We strive to grow in our understanding of God's Word and His final authority in our lives. We strive to live out His Word in our lives daily.  


Our prayer is that each student who is a part of this ministry will graduate high school as a baptized Christian, and go on to live a faithful life in His service.  Our program is designed to accomplish this very purpose.  


Feel free to email any of the staff below with questions and let us know how we can best serve you.


Our Students

We strive to focus on our students in every age group.  Below is the breakdown of our students are divided up and what we offer for them from month to month.
Youth Troop (2nd grade & under)
At this age, we want to make sure and get these kids involved in our Bible classes and give them a chance to be around other kids their age in the group.  We want to encourage them to start developing relationships with other Christian children and hopefully build a healthy support system that will last them a lifetime.  We offer at least 1 activity per month for this group.  Each month we alternate between fellowship focused activities and service focused activities.  
Middles (3rd-5th Grades)
This is a critical age because these students are only 1-3 years from entering in Jr. High.  We want to continue to stress Christian relationships at this age and give them opportunities to be with other Christian students.  At this age, we also start teaching about leadership and what role each student can play in the lives of another.  We offer at least 1 activitiy per month for this group and likewise alternate between fellowship focused activities and service focused activites.
Jr./Sr. High Ministry (6th-12th Grades)
This is the "hub" of our Student Ministry at Graymere. At this age, our students are digging deeper into God's Word and learning to serve in His church. Bible classes are central to our program, along with our Into-the-City Outreach, in which our teens are learning to serve and mentor children in our community. Weekend retreats, youth rallies, and summer camps help to energize and keep us focused on God's task for us - loving others. 

Our Staff

Our Youth and Family Minister is Jon David (JD) Schwartz. JD has worked as a youth and family minister since 2002 and loves the continual challenges of helping parents and the church instill and equip teens with their own genuine faith in Jesus Christ. Of course, he knows he can't do it all by himself... and he doesn't want to try. It takes everyone - PARENTS 1st - to raise faithful children, and he is thankful to be supported by a hands-on team of individuals dedicated to the faith of our children. His wife is Amy (Porter) Schwartz - native of both Columbia and Graymere. Their children are Abigail and Lane.

Email: jd@graymere.com

Our Student Secretary is Katie Williams.

Email: katie@graymere.com

Our Elder, Student Ministry Representative, is Roger Riddle.

Email: roger@graymere.com

Our Deacon of Youth is Josh Love.

Email: josh.love@lgdpc.com