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Our Mission

To lift up the Lord in worship and service, while lifting up others in love.
All are welcome here; everyone needs to know Jesus; we want people to be saved.

Our Staff
Our Youth and Family Minister is Jon David (JD) Schwartz. JD has worked as a youth and family minister since 2002 and loves the continual challenges of helping parents and the church instill and equip teens with their own genuine faith in Jesus Christ. Of course, he knows he can't do it all by himself... and he doesn't want to try. It takes everyone - PARENTS 1st - to raise faithful children, and he is thankful to be supported by a hands-on team of individuals dedicated to the faith of our children. His wife is Amy (Porter) Schwartz - native of both Columbia and Graymere. Their children are Abigail and Lane.

Our Student Secretary is Katie Williams.

Our Elder, Student Ministry Representative, is Roger Riddle.

Our Deacon of Youth is Josh Love.

Our current Youth Intern is Drew McCollum.

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