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Into-the-City [ItC] Ministry

ItC is a bus ministry dedicated to teaching the children of our communities in Columbia. Each Wednesday at 6:15pm, during the school year, we pick up our amazing ItC kids for a night of worship and Bible study. God has blessed us in this ministry with 25+ kids who are full of life and fun. He has blessed our church through the involvement of our teens and a large number of adults who are dedicated to loving and teaching these children about Jesus.

If you are interested in your children being a part of this ministry, please contact us at 931-388-4796 and ask for JD.

GOD's Story in ItC

We want ALL to know the power of God as displayed through the love of Jesus.

These 2 lessons describe that we are "dead" in our sin, but "ALIVE" through the resurrection of Jesus.

The "ALIVE" message is the story of God and His work through ItC and in the life of Jatara. 

God saves, and He wants to save YOU!

Dead - EU '19 - Bill McDonald
Alive - EU '19 - JD and Josh Schwartz

Our Wednesday Night Program

ItC Neighborhood CookOut

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